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Pickup basketball is one of the most popular games on earth. If you have a basketball court, you’ve got a high-value resource. Are you maximizing its potential?

HoopRun is the only open gym facility management app that’s purpose-built to help you earn money from a basketball court.  For gym owners, this is a breakthrough tool that makes it simple to fill gaps in your schedule, organize user information clearly, increase your exposure, and earn more money from your facilities. For hosts, we make the process of renting a gmy and earning a profit simple. 

We also work closely with middle and high schools, larger gyms with multiple basketball courts, and community facilities like churches and local recreation centers. Click below to try HoopRun now.


Maximize Earnings

Earn money from your empty basketball courts by creating open pickup basketball runs. HoopRun’s built-in payment processor lets players reserve and pay for their spot through the app. They play, you get paid.

Simplify Management

Create and schedule a pickup run in just a few clicks, and watch the registrations roll in. With HoopRun’s “set it and forget it” facility management app, it’s never been easier to get paying players in your gym.

Increase Exposure

Attract new faces - and even new members - to your gym by hosting public pickup runs. Highlight your facility’s top features in the run listing, so that players know the benefits of joining before they even arrive.

User Groups

For Middle and High School Athletic Directors

Does your middle or high school have a basketball court that’s empty most of the day and night? If so, you might be missing a big opportunity to monetize your gym facility during off-hours. HoopRun lets you quickly create public and private runs that local students and community members can join in just a few clicks. Plus, our secure system lets you see who’s playing and collect payments, with no stress.

For Facilities with Multiple Courts

If your gym has multiple courts, you probably already host pickup basketball runs. But how are you managing schedules, registrations, and payments? If your answer is “Excel spreadsheets,” we have bad news: you’re wasting a ton of time. HoopRun’s streamlined facility management tools let you create and schedule multiple runs, view reservations in real-time, organize player information, and accept payments with one user-friendly platform.

For Churches and Other Community Centers

Community-focused facilities like churches, synagogues, and recreation centers with an unused (or underused) basketball court have a unique opportunity to earn additional cash, with very little additional effort. Use HoopRun to schedule open pickup basketball games and accept payments through our simple in-app payment system. Those gaps in your program schedule can easily become revenue-generating days in just a few clicks.

For players looking to host a run

We partner with you; to simplify the process of finding/renting a gym, gathering players, managing the run and facilitating transactions.  A one-stop shop to streamline your entire event from “where’s the run” to “see you next week.”  Whether it’s trainings, camps, tournaments or open runs, we’ve got you covered. 

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