The Problem

Most sports app’s connect people to people that play similar sports however, that is only one part of the issue.  Everyone has friends who play the same sports as them or affiliates who are interested enough to accompany them.  The problem is always where?  There are plenty of places to play indoor sports however if you do not have a  connection to a person who has access to these facilities finding these places can prove extremely difficult at times.  Even if you do “know a guy” you then become dependent on this person to keep you updated on when the facility will be available and when it will not.

The Solution

Very often recreational basketball is hard to find outside of memberships and leagues and players usually have difficulty finding places to play on impulse, Hoop Run solves this problem. Gym owners can use the app to set up each one of their runs and allow players to view, confirm and pay to play all through the app..

Next Steps…

Cop some merch to show your support and broadcast the fact that YOU are a hooper, LETS GET TO WORK!