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Gym Owners

What We Can Do For You

HoopRun is an open gym management tool exclusively for basketball. Designed to help gym owners maximize resources to achieve desired results through an intuitive and automated interface. HoopRun provides a platform to fill gaps in your gym’s schedule, organize user information more efficiently and use that organization to generate revenue. There are three main types of owners and this platform benefits all three!


Most compatible to schools. High Schools and Middle schools who have a basketball court that is unused for most of the day during school and completely unused when school is out. This is a resource in the community that can be used much more efficiently. Using HoopRun you can monetize and organize students or community members to use the facility during these hours to maximize resourcefulness and productivity.

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Proves most useful for multiple court facilities. You most likely have a sufficient amount of income being generated but we could always use more, right!? HoopRun is a resource that can provide direct access to interested parties. Not only your user base but an exponentially larger base. Magnifying any marketing promotions, sales, or new products directly to an involved and active audience.


Although we all can use more revenue. This is most important to community venues such as churches and small recreation centers. Those gaps in your schedule or days the gym is unoccupied can become revenue generating days in just a few clicks.

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